Laser Treatment for Stretchmarks

The Lux1540T Fractional non–ablative laser has received the first clearance by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of stretch marks. And this laser treatment is available at Zel Skin and Laser Specialists.

Clinical studies have shown that subjects treated with the Lux1540 achieved an average improvement of between 51% and 75% in the appearance of their stretch marks based upon a blinded review of photographs comparing the pre–treatment appearance of stretch marks versus the results three months post–treatment.

Researchers have confirmed that the Lux1540 is the first laser treatment for stretch marks that truly works.

The non–ablative fractional laser allows for comfortable treatments with little to no impact on the patient’s daily activities.

This new clearance expands the broad range of treatments offered by the Lux1540, which may be used to treat surgical scars, acne scars, and melasma, as well as offer non–ablative skin resurfacing.

It is estimated that close to 90% of women have stretch marks, which occur normally as a result of puberty, pregnancy, hormonal changes and weight gain. This fact does little to alleviate the embarrassment that most women feel at the appearance of these unsightly striations on their skin.

Until now there were few options for stretch mark treatments. Since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared the fractional laser treatment for stretch marks, practitioners now have an excellent aesthetic solution for their clients.

The fractional non–ablative skin resurfacing laser minimizes the appearance of stretch marks with no downtime. The Lux1540 laser improves the unsightly color and skin texture associated with stretch marks, leaving clients with smoother, better–looking skin.