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Yours and our teammate's safety is our top priority. Our clinics deliver safe and high-quality dermatology care and want to assure our patients that we go above and beyond to abide by State and CDC recommended precautions to prevent infection. If you feel ill or prefer to have a Tele-dermatology/Telehealth visit, please call our office or fill out a contact form below. Your health, safety, and skin are our top priorities. When you arrive at our office, please ensure you have your mask and are alone unless you need another person's assistance to complete your appointment.

Acne Mimickers—Perioral Dermatitis

There are many skin conditions that can look, sound and feel just like acne; however, sometimes our most tried and true treatments won’t improve the skin! Whenever this happens we have to consider other diagnoses and ‘acne mimickers’.

For ‘acne’ or red bumps and rash around the nose and mouth, a condition called perioral dermatitis is always high on our list of suspects! Perioral (or periorificial) Dermatitis commonly occurs as red bumps around the nose and mouth, associated with red skin and sometimes itching and sensitivity. Sometimes you may also see red bumps around the eyes.

Perioral dermatitis has numerous causes including contact with something you are allergic with, such as a skin care product or toothpaste, overuse of steroid cream or even stress. Perioral dermatitis is treated with prescription medications and removing any offending product that is causing the rash.

This rash tends to be a bit stubborn and may take several weeks or even months to heal completely. There are several options for treatment including oral pills, topical creams and face washes.

If you’ve been suffering from acne-like bumps around the nose or mouth, call (952) 929-8888 to make an appointment.

Understanding Bumpy “Chicken” Skin—Keratosis Pilaris

“Bumpy arms”, “chicken skin” or “goosebumps that never go away” are common phrases we hear when patients come to us with keratosis pilaris or “KP”.

KP is a benign condition of the skin that commonly occurs on the backs of the upper arms and also on the thighs or buttocks. Sometimes, younger patients may even display KP on their cheeks. The bumpy texture of the skin is caused by dead skin plugging a hair follicle. Many times it is asymptomatic; however, sometimes patients will report itching or sensitivity on the skin.

Most commonly KP is seen in patients in their teenage years or young infants under the age of two. Some causes of KP include having close family members with the condition, dry skin, eczema, and obesity.

While KP is not a harmful condition, many patients are concerned by the appearance of their skin. Treatments for KP include prescription moisturizers containing Urea, Lactic Acid or other exfoliators to help improve the appearance and texture of the bumpy skin by removing excess dead skin cells. In a few cases, a laser may be utilized to further treat this condition.

KP is not contagious and for many people it may even resolve spontaneously. To schedule an appointment to discuss your skin, call our office at (952) 929-8888.



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