Men and Modern Skin Care Products

Men are not afraid of great grooming products, but they do want a few things to hold true:

  1. They prefer products that will multi-task
  2. A simple regimen is typically best
  3. They will “steal” their significant other’s products if they don’t have any or have run out of their own

The bottom line is this – get the man in your life set up with his OWN perfect skincare so you can hang on to yours! Here are some popular suggestions…

  • Elta MD Foaming Facial Cleanser – $26 for 7 fluid ounces; Cleansing and shave cream in one!
  • MD Complete Eye Wrinkle Corrector – $28.99 for .5 ounces; Indestructible tube with antiaging benefits.
  • Elta MD UV Sport SPF 50 – $24.50 for 3 ounces; Sweat and water resistant for 80 minutes; perfect for the athlete.
  • MD Complete Retinol Vitamin C Concentrate – $28.99 for .5 ounces; The perfect all-in-one before-I-go-to-bed product, and recommended by Jason DeRusha on Twitter!
  • Obagi Pro C Microdermabrasion Polish + Mask – $68 for 2.8 ounces; It’s a scrub, it’s a mask, it’s a skin and day brightener whenever you crack open this new favorite; for when your skin needs the repair from what you did last night OR what you did 30 years ago.
  • Revision Revox 7 – $130 for .5 ounces; Put the peptides where you need them and watch your fine lines soften over time – take pictures for proof!

If you’re in the market to find the perfect skin care products, feel free to stop into our Edina or Plymouth location and one of our knowledgeable estheticians will be happy to help you out.


aesthetician minneapolisSuzanne Flickinger has practiced under the medical direction of Dr. Brian Zelickson at Zel Skin & Laser Specialists since 2002. She specializes in: Dermaplaning, Lactic Peels, Citric Peels, Glycolic Peels, Illumize® Peels, Vitalize® Peels, Patient Education, and Skin Care Consultations


Acne Mimickers—Perioral Dermatitis

There are many skin conditions that can look, sound and feel just like acne; however, sometimes our most tried and true treatments won’t improve the skin! Whenever this happens we have to consider other diagnoses and ‘acne mimickers’.

For ‘acne’ or red bumps and rash around the nose and mouth, a condition called perioral dermatitis is always high on our list of suspects! Perioral (or periorificial) Dermatitis commonly occurs as red bumps around the nose and mouth, associated with red skin and sometimes itching and sensitivity. Sometimes you may also see red bumps around the eyes.

Perioral dermatitis has numerous causes including contact with something you are allergic with, such as a skin care product or toothpaste, overuse of steroid cream or even stress. Perioral dermatitis is treated with prescription medications and removing any offending product that is causing the rash.

This rash tends to be a bit stubborn and may take several weeks or even months to heal completely. There are several options for treatment including oral pills, topical creams and face washes.

If you’ve been suffering from acne-like bumps around the nose or mouth, call (952) 929-8888 to make an appointment.

Brooke Moss, PA-C, MPH is a board-certified dermatology Physician Assistant. She is accepting new patients in our Edina and Downtown Minneapolis locations.

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